DATA THAT’S always on time.

A simple way to track your goods

Accumine’s cloud platform supplies 100+ apps to analyze distribution, departures and arrivals of goods, with diagnostic tools to monitor the metrics that matter to your core business.

Real-time process monitoring

Accumine monitors your assets in real-time, allowing your team to be aware of its critical processes at all times.

Reduce utilities expenses

Accumine tracks the total energy consumption of your facilities. Analyze costs and savings potential based on real-time analysis.

Real-time condition monitoring

Accumine allows your team to monitor autonomous conditions and receive alerts direct to stakeholders and department leads.

Optimize scheduling & equipment usage

Accumine’s platform detects utilization patterns over time and helps your experts solve scheduling conflicts before they happen.

Reduce unplanned downtime

Accumine monitors process downtime and allows your team to analyze and diagnose downtime causes and track improvement.

Real-time supply chain monitoring

Accumine’s cloud platform  connects to your supply chain to watch key metrics, monitor utilization and track on-time delivery statistics.


Accumine’s platform only collects the data that you need, allowing you to complete your projects on time and with ease.

Data that matters

Accumine believes that data projects aren’t a challenge. Our company has developed software to make it easy to acquire data from any equipment.

  • % Within Time Limit
  • % Outside of Limit
  • % Order Accuracy

A library of 100+ apps

Accumine’s platform becomes the window into your critical operations. It provides the luxury of focus on important numbers, and the diagnostics to improve them.

It works on any device

Accumine’s platform is real-time and can be used on any device. It can be used to monitor events in your building or across the globe, as they happen.

Smart Logistics benefits

Accumine’s customers have experienced great successes with the platform. Here are some metrics from one of our case studies:

On-Time Shipping
Order Accuracy
Faster Delivery Time

Trusted by industry leaders

Accumine’s platform is used daily by Global 500 and Fortune 500 companies, plus industry and sector leaders across the globe.

Accumine University

Accumine provides its clients with the latest education and training on our tools. Get more training and resources directly from our University now.

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